BlueHealth Innovation Fund

BlueHealth Innovation Center launches two times a year an open call together with imec.istart. During this call we are looking for startups that link innovative ICT to practical applications for the broad healthcare sector. Candidates are beyond the idea phase and will be coached, financially supported and advised in their growth, to become autonomous companies that are ready for international marketing. Startups that have been selected for the BlueHealth Innovation Fund and/ or imec.istart are called residents. Meet our residents here:



Helpilepsy is an open digital platform that allows patients and healthcare professionals to continuously trace epilepsy so that the patient can better control his condition and the neurologist can treat more efficiently. A solution created by epilepsy in the family.

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This start-up develops digital applications that support people with epilepsy in daily life. Now Epihunter focuses on children with epileptic seizures in the classroom, but afterwards they want to extend their focus to epilepsy at all ages and in all forms.

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One of the founders of Happs struggles already all his life with dyslexia, and therefore he came up with Karaton, a humorous and adventurous computer game that helps dyslexic children - through missions and fantasies - improve their spelling and reading skills. The game can be used by the speech therapist, but also to practice at home without feeling like extra homework.

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Play it Safe

Greygin is a young startup with the ambition to save lives with games! Greygin was founded by Brecht Kets and Mike Ptacek. Both have been part of the world-renowned Digital Arts and Entertainment program at Howest for years. Together with their two employees, they want to combine education and games to build socially relevant projects.

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Haemodialysis is a treatment that is taxing on the patient, but is also operationally complex. In dialysis centres, the smooth-running of it is everything. The innovative solution NephroFlow streamlines the processes that provide an efficient and high-quality treatment for each patient.

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Doctors spend hours each day on admin, time they would rather invest in the care of their patients. Startup Lynxcare has developed software that records medical data efficiently and makes it available to patients and physicians. The purpose of the new technology is for physicians to save time and provide quality medical care to patients with complex files.

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