01 July 2017


Start-up BlueHealth fund Resident Dialysis centres

Haemodialysis is a treatment that is taxing on the patient, but is also operationally complex. In dialysis centres, the smooth-running of it is everything. The innovative solution NephroFlow streamlines the processes that provide an efficient and high-quality treatment for each patient.

NephroFlow brings processes together

NephroFlow is a software application that monitors the patient and supports the process at the same time. “That way, we can address with a single solution both the specialised medical file and paper workflow with which many dialysis centres work”, says co-founder Simon Dusauchoit. “The application consists of a mobile app which nurses use during dialysis and a user-friendly file with which the entire healthcare team can review, adjust and monitor the details of the treatment of each patient.”

Development on the dialysis floor

“The application has been specially designed for dialysis centres at the request of, and with a lot of help from, Ghent’s St Lucas Hospital. The hospital was looking for a paperless solution for the operation of their dialysis centre. Five nephrologists and some 50 employees attend to the needs of 150 dialysis patients. All initiatives to make the process more efficient are welcome. NephroFlow is the result of an intense collaboration between AZ St Lucas and our parent company, Typework. So the software is really grafted on the processes and protocols on the dialysis floor.”

Helping hand

Simon Dusauchoit: “Now that we’ve been selected for BlueHealth, we can look ahead to the future. The cash injection is very welcome, of course, and will give us the opportunity to continue to develop in the next few years. But what appeals more than anything is perhaps the network to which we have access. It’s a kind of quality label that opens doors.”

Mid July 2017, NephroFlow has gradually rolled out in Ghent St Lucas. Thereafter, the NephroFlow team looks to the rest of Belgium, Europe and the United States.


CORE ACTIVITY: Process-driven and high-quality software for dialysis centres
CONTACT US: Simon Dusauchoit
MAIL: info@nephroflow.com
​TEL: +32 478 46 31 00

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