01 July 2017

Play it Safe

Start-up BlueHealth fund Resident Prevention

Greygin is a young startup with the ambition to save lives with games! Greygin was founded by Brecht Kets and Mike Ptacek. Both have been part of the world-renowned Digital Arts and Entertainment program at Howest for years. Together with their two employees, they want to combine education and games to build socially relevant projects.

Saving lives with games
We're going to save lives with games, with "Play it Safe"! This is a scalable online cloud-based learning platform, which helps us train people in a safe, fun and efficient way about security and prevention through web and mobile games. Among other things, first aid, fire, ergonomics and hygiene are issues that will be addressed initially. Through an online dashboard, you can easily manage players, groups, training, environments, etc., and look at statistics and trends that provide insight into the effective knowledge of the players. This enables security officers to work more effectively in business context and to better educate their staff about safety and prevention. Training budgets can be used more accurately. In addition, we also want to make Play It Safe available to young people free of charge. Everyone must know the basis of resuscitation or the first correct steps when there is a fire. With this we will make a difference and, in the context of social relevance, we will also make a nice contribution. And that is something we’re proud of!
Now and later
Currently, we have an MVP that is being used by 6 hospitals. In early July, the first version of our platform will be launched.
Within a year we want to have at least 25.000 active licenses, and provide our platform free of charge to high schools.
We have the ambition to become the YouTube of game-based procedural training.
The BlueHealth network
We participated in the BlueHealth call for various reasons. The most important thing is to use the knowledge and network of the BHIC. We strongly believe in developing through co-creation and involve your target audience in the process as quickly as possible. This makes the BHIC ideal as our primary target market is the healthcare sector in the broad sense.


Started 2017
Core activity: Educate people about safety and prevention through games
Contact us: Brecht Kets en Mike Ptacek
Mail: brecht@playitsafe.eu
Tel: +32 (0)498 62 38 70

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