Meet the new start-ups of Health RampUp Cohort IX

Health RampUp
Cohort IX
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We are proud to announce that 9 new start-ups are joining the ninth cohort of our coaching track. Last weekend, the teams started a 6-month program with great enthusiasm and ambition. Discover their innovative solutions in this blogpost.

Health RampUp is an intense bootcamp for HealthTech start-ups. During a 6-month program, we’ll help young start-ups – together with experienced entrepreneurs and domain experts – validate their business idea so they are able to raise their first round of funding.​ 


Depression patients who are taking medicine for a long time are suffering to stop their treatment. Because of a lack of monitoring Sanco would like to build a monitoring system that helps with phasing out the treatment and avoid complications. Therefore, patients get insight in their own disease progress.
Team: Pieter De Ridder, Felix De Colvenaer


Geriatro supports in the "functional binding between hospitals and care homes" by digitizing room capacity for transitional care. Additionally, rooms in care homes can also be also requested by family members or care takers for short term respite care.
Team: Robert Winters
Geriatro - Start


Smart Face Masks
Our ambition is to bring the next generations of smarter, intelligent face masks worldwide available to make people’s lives safer and easier. With use of state of the art technology smart face masks protect and monitor patients’ lungs, to save lives.
Team: Marie Verougstraete, Rolf Jacobs, Cedric Liebens
Smart Face Masks


withVR better prepares people with speech disorders for real-life speaking situations by utilizing the power of virtual reality. withVR strives to ensure that anyone can use their voice whenever they like, no matter their difference.
Team: Gareth Walkom
withVR - A safe space to speak


AfriMed is a pre-seed on-demand marketplace for healthcare providers used for disease surveillance, treatment support, epidemic outbreak tracking and chronic disease management. With AfriMed we aim to improve healthcare quality, affordability and accessibility for developing economies in Sub Saharan Africa.
Team: Ndaba Ndlovu
AfriMed | Browse through Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors & Pharmacies


Icurai is a communication platform where the patient will be the key driver in his or her care pathway. A calendar system and integration of various functions such as finding suitable appointment times, defining care relationships based on life domains. In this way, targeted care can be organized for a patient by himself or his caregiver.
Team: Rembert Maes


PilVOX wants to be a platform that measures and monitors the subjective health (well-being, QOL…) of high-risk patients with chronic medication to evaluate the pharmacotherapy and this from a holistic health vision (WHO).
Team: An De Mulder, Bjorn Verstraete


Pee problems are very common in men, women and children, but often remain untreated. With our PlasApp we want to help out these people by facilitating the first step to a solution, both for those who are already in medical follow-up as for those who aren't, often because of embarrassment.
Team: An-Sofie Goessaert and Marie-Astrid Denys


MiSena is a digital platform, supported by AI-powered health pathways, that offers efficient, up-to-date and personalized screening programs that are tailored to the dynamic risk profile of the patient. MiSena consists of accurate breast cancer risk assessment, stratification into several risk groups and assignment of the individuals to a specific risk group, evidence-based tailoring of early detection interventions to each risk group and user-friendly program implementation.
Team: Valerie Vandeweerd, Laura Vandeweerd, Nathalie Vandeweerd

Good luck to all participants!


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