1 Million Dollar Club

Who of the BHIC family is member of the '1 million dollar club'? Who has taken a flying start and has already raised more than 1 million capital? Meet the members of the 'Million Dollar Club' of the BlueHealth Innovation Center.


The Limburg start-up FibriCheck has developed an app that can detect cardiac arrhythmias at an early stage by placing a finger on the camera of the device. In 2017, FibriCheck raised one and a half million euros to expand abroad.


LindaCare specializes in digital healthcare, specifically in solutions for telemonitoring chronic patients. In January 2018, LindaCare raised 7 million euros to take a leading market position in Europe and the United States.

The idea of ​​LindaCare has grown out of a hackathon that we organized in Genk in 2013. It is fantastic to see how an idea can become a successful organization during one of our hackathon weekends.

Source photo: De Tijd



Administration is a burden for patients, doctors, nurses and other medical staff. That's why LynxCare built the Lynx CareMonitor® software: artificial intelligence that makes automatic file processing, follow-up and care insights possible.

In 2016, Dries Hens and Georges De Feu founded LynxCare. It is going very fast for this start-up because a year after the founding they raised > 1 million euro financing and opened an office in San Francisco.
"Thanks to BlueHealth's partners, we are able to work with medical data in a hospital environment, and for us that know-how is the perfect door opener for practical case studies," according to Dries Hens CBO of LynxCare.


into.care® by Pridiktiv

Pridiktiv has developed into.care®. A smart and mobile platform that enables people in the healthcare sector to work better and more efficiently. In this way they spend less time on paperwork and other administration. The company raised 1.5 million euros to further improve into.care® with artificial intelligence and to look abroad.

"Thanks to BHIC, we have been given so many opportunities to highlight who we are and what we do in order to validate our product-market fit," says Jeroen De Backer CEO / Founder into.care® by Pridiktiv.

Read here  the article that has published about Pridiktiv in Trends.



UgenTec specializes in the development of software for automatic analysis of DNA results. This start-up was founded in April 2014 by Wouter Uten and Tom Martens. UgenTec is one of our starters from the very beginning.

In 2013, Wouter followed our acceleration program to sharpen his business model, marketing, communication and financial aspects. Meanwhile, the organization already has more than 40 employees. In 2018, UgenTec raised 7.5 million euros and recently an office was opened in the United States. UgenTec has partnerships with top 10 leading diagnostic companies and laboratories.



Ontoforce makes software that enables large amounts of data to be searched quickly and efficiently. With their platform, pharmaceutical and biotech companies can quickly access their internal data and add it with public data. This way the development of medicines can be accelerated. The company was founded in 2011 by Hans Constandt.

Ontoforce collected 8.5 million euros in three times from the investors Imec, PMV and LRM, the tech entrepreneurs Torsten Osthus and Luc Vauterin, the Colruyt family and the biotech investor Annie Vereecken. BlueHealth Innovation Center helped Hans Constandt with his pitch and storytelling.

Source photo: madeinkempen.be



Fight pain without heavy medication. Interventions without bringing a patient under complete anesthesia. This is possible, proves Oncomfort, by using virtual reality and psychological techniques. In 2018 Oncomfort raised 1.65 million euros for market expansion.

Oncomfort was founded by clinical psychologist Diane Jooris and financial expert Gérald De Patoul. To speed up the sales of its solutions, the company raised 1.65 million euros from a group of private investors and Mario Huyghe was appointed CEO.