Million dollars

1 Million Dollar Club

Who of the BHIC family is member of the '1 million dollar club'? Who has taken a flying start and has already raised more than 1 million capital? Meet the members of the 'Million Dollar Club' of the BlueHealth Innovation Center.


Team kwarts

Proactively anticipating customer needs is complicated by siloed data, especially in Life Science. KWARTS connects the dots and breaks down the siloes between departments. Their AI-engines understand and visualize which engagement stage customers are in.

The Limburg start-up raised 1.2 million euros in June 2021.

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Moonbird team

Moonbird is a young start-up that develops physical tools that make it easy for people to do breathing exercises. The tech company launched a device that calculates and indicates everyone's personal breathing rhythm.

In June 2021 Moonbird raised 1.5 million euros to market their product worldwide.

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Neuroventis team

Neuroventis is a digital health platform for neurology.
Via their mobile applications Helpilepsy and MigraineManager, patients can register data about their seizures and their medication use, and then share this with their medical team.

In 2017, the team participated in HealthRampUp before being selected for the acceleration program of imec.istart and the BlueHealth Innovation Fund.
Neuroventis raised one million euros in March 2021.

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Minze Health

Minze Health team

With Minze you can test your urine flow yourself. Minze Health provides a way to diagnose and monitor micturition disorders at home, in hospital or in private practice. It is a stress-free method for a more natural uroflow. Wireless and waterproof, convenient to use and maintain.

Minze health has already raised more than 1.3 million euros.

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FEops team

FEops' cutting-edge technology transforms cardiac images into digital twins, virtual copies of the heart or its substructures. With this technology, FEops aims to improve and expand personalized treatment for patients with structural heart disease. 

FEops already raised 6 million euros since 2009!

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Indigo provides an answer to the pressing need for accurate and affordable diabetes management by providing innovative high-tech solutions for advanced biomarker sensing characterized by the best possible user experience and highest product quality.

Since the start, Indigo has raised 46.7 million euros.

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Icometrix team

Icometrix helps patients, healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies to enter the era of personalized care for neurological conditions.

Icometrix has already raised more than 18 million euros in capital.

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MyNeo makes immunotherapy a reality for every patient using a data-driven approach combining bio-simulation and AI-heuristics.

MyNeo has already raised 4.4 million euros since 2017.

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Molecubes team

MOLECUBES manufactures and sells high-end preclinical imaging PET, SPECT and CT CUBES, which enable researchers and laboratory scientists to achieve high quality images supported by fast and simple workflows. 

Molecubes, a spin-off from Ghent University, raised 1.9 million euros.

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Watcherr is an AI health business solution for senior homes, residences and others. It is a wearable health monitoring solution with a nurse calling system which is integrated with data insights. The solution provides a full view of the residents’ state of health in order to prevent and detect health emergencies.

Watcherr has already raised more than 1.7 million euros.

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Operating Room

The DEO OR Efficiency Platform reduces fatigue of surgical teams, increases surgery volume, and reduces the total cost of surgery.

In September 2020, DEO raised 1 million euros from various investors.

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Byteflies hand

Byteflies is an ISO13485 (medtech) company that provides B2B-services to enable lean development of wearable health applications. Byteflies envisions a future where healthcare is truly personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory. 

In total Byteflies has already raised more than 4 million euros.

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Ectosense team

Ectosense is a medtech start-up on a mission to restore the sleep of the one billion people that suffer from a sleep disorder. They leverage the best of micro-electronics, biomedical signal processing and data science to bring medical solutions that are vastly more elegant and effective.

Ectosense has raised more than 2.5 million euros.

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move-up team

moveUP measures and improves the quality of care both before and after hospital interventions. moveUP is active in six countries and the medical app within orthopedics is reimbursed in Belgium. moveUP was founded in 2015 and has already raised 2.7 million euros.


Creative Therapy

Creative Therapy team

Creative Therapy develops interactive tools for rehabilitation therapy. Their first product 'Matti' is an interactive game mat that motivates patients and gives their physiotherapists more insight into their progress during therapy. Creative Therapy has already raised 1.2 million euros in capital.

"We participated in Health RampUp and were selected for the BlueHealth Innovation Fund and imec.istart acceleration program. Now I am still in regular contact with BlueHealth about potentially interesting events and opportunities", says Arno Penders CEO Creative Therapy


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BioStrand was founded in February 2019 and raised already 2 million euros in 2020 from K&E, the investment fund of Koen Quaghebeur and Els Paesmans, the founders of Globachem. Biostrand will use the investment to commercialize its revolutionary genetic data analysis technology. The technology will drive innovations in precision medicine, biotechnology and agriculture. BioStrand wants to become a global player in genetic research. BHIC is a proud network partner.


Helpper team

In July 2019, Helpper raised 1.1 million euros in a second investment round. In total Helpper raised more than 2 million euros. Investment companies SI² Fund and Carevolution want to support the further growth of the platform. With the fresh capital, Helpper wants to expand its services in Belgium.

BHIC supports Helpper. "BHIC has a strong network and a good reputation, which makes them the perfect partner to start conversations between different parties" says François Gerard, founder of Helpper. "Thanks to BHIC, we have had conversations with healthcare partners, experts and investors that we would otherwise have had difficulty setting up."



Oncomfort virtual reality headset

Fight pain without heavy medication. Interventions without bringing a patient under complete anesthesia. This is possible, proves Oncomfort, by using virtual reality and psychological techniques. In 2018 Oncomfort raised 1.65 million euros for market expansion.


ontoforce team

Ontoforce makes software that enables large amounts of data to be searched quickly and efficiently. With their platform, pharmaceutical and biotech companies can quickly access their internal data and add it with public data. This way the development of medicines can be accelerated. The company was founded in 2011 by Hans Constandt.


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ugentec team

UgenTec specializes in the development of software for automatic analysis of DNA results. This start-up was founded in April 2014 by Wouter Uten and Tom Martens. UgenTec is one of our starters from the very beginning.

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Jeroen de backer

Pridiktiv has developed®. A smart and mobile platform that enables people in the healthcare sector to work better and more efficiently. In this way they spend less time on paperwork and other administration. The company raised 1.5 million euros to further improve® with artificial intelligence and to look abroad.



lynxcare team

Administration is a burden for patients, doctors, nurses and other medical staff. That's why LynxCare built the Lynx CareMonitor® software: artificial intelligence that makes automatic file processing, follow-up and care insights possible.


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LindaCare specializes in digital healthcare, specifically in solutions for telemonitoring chronic patients. In January 2018, LindaCare raised 7 million euros to take a leading market position in Europe and the United States.

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FibriCheck team

The Limburg start-up FibriCheck has developed an app that can detect cardiac arrhythmias at an early stage by placing a finger on the camera of the device. In 2017, FibriCheck raised one and a half million euros to expand abroad.


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