16 June 2022

Start-up essential: Masterclass EU Lobbying

BlueHealth Innovation Center
"Shaping the policy landscape to empower the digital health sector." Over the last couple of years, investment in European lobbying and public affairs practices have skyrocketed among life sciences companies. The biggest players – the pharmaceutical industry – invested approximately €40 million in 2021 just to influence EU policy. However, they are no longer alone. Find out more during the EU Lobbying Masterclass on the 16th of June with Alicia Rojo Santos, Senior Consultant at Hanover Communications.
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With the EU increasingly scrutinising a fast-growing digital health industry, three new players have ramped up their efforts: medical devices companies increasingly investing in medical technology and health technology to support their portfolio; big tech diversifying into health and wellbeing; and digital health scaleups realising the importance of the future regulations on their own commercial objectives. 


This session will look at:

  • What lobbying/public affairs is, and why EU-level lobbying is just as important as national lobbying.
  • What the key policy developments are in digital health at the EU level, and how these will affect companies, patients and healthcare systems.
  • Why developing a lobbying/public affairs strategy is essential for your company.
  • How to practically develop and implement a lobbying/public affairs strategy and what best practice looks like.
  • How to pool resources with other companies to take a resource-efficient approach to lobbying/public affairs.


Format of the session

Given that the understanding of what lobbying is and how it works at the EU level tends to be quite limited, this session will include:

  • A basic theoretical background supported by real-life examples of work
  • Practical exercises to learn how to devise your own lobbying strategy, and how to collaborate with other organisations to find common goals.
Alicia Rojo Santos

Ali started her career back in London, initially working on national lobbying in the UK. She is now the client lead for some of Hanover’s largest clients, including Apple in light of its expansion to health and wellbeing.


Masterclass EU Lobbying



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